About us

Mission and vision

Any idea that is unattainable at first glance and falls into the category of dreams is just an interesting challenge for "Space Shop";

And any event that "Space Shop" plans for you will be unique to you;

You will be reminded of happy moments, and "Space Shop" will add another, unique project to its portfolio;

The Space Shop's success formula is built on both creative, individual approaches to each event, as well as effective management and highly qualified staff.

Our mission is to create a leading company that blurs the line between idea and reality, and an event held at high standards will be equally attractive, both emotionally and materially, while emotional and material attractiveness creates profits, creates a sense of happiness.


Every action has a starting point .. Some easily, and some hardly go through the Minosian labyrinths, where the whirlwind or silent murmur of the Minotaur catches the eye.

"Space Shop" is an organization - for you!


The values of "Space Shop" are the cornerstone of the company's success. We are committed to ensuring and maintaining quality in all aspects so that our client can get maximum pleasure and results from each of the events planned by us.

"Space Shop" is a living organism where development is constantly taking place;